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OH BabY!!!!! I have missed thee o so much. I am so excited to be writing once again. Sigh. This has not being my most favorable times, But so far, things have started to be great again. Now, the sun is shining once again at night. So much has happened to me over the years; I have grown up, I have failed, I have fallen, I have lost friends, best ones too, made new ones, changed direction and course of life numerous times and yet I am still here. Happy, gracious and well. Then people tell you that there is not a God. LOOOL. Well not to dwell too much on the past, its time to face the tomorrow. I have learnt my place among my friends and family. Yes, they have not all being as favorable, but when you have an epiphany, doesn’t matter which kind, as long as it is something that you know will change you life, you will always have to put the people in your circle in perspective and in order of importance. I found out that everything has a priority, importance and use. The only thing constant is family, you have no choice but to love the home in which you are born. Friends, we pick and chose them as we go. The best ones stay, Period. 


On that note, welcome back Ekene. Your life is about to change for the greatest. 




Hey there guys!!!!

how are you all doing? hope all is well and buzzing? even all of una wey dey naij, whatz really good? ok since i have gotten this blog, i really have not been able to put all the things that i have witnessed or that i have gone thru and noticed and i apologize for that. well this medium has been so good to me and i am actually getting to really love it and can’t wait to really show you all everything that i have planned and also to follow me and us (Bluefield Ent and Syndik8 Ent) in our endeavors to take over Greenville NC, yanks, Asia and the world by God’s grace. A lot is going to happen and alot needs to be seen and heard. I want to use this medium to bring you all to my life and the life of everyone and everywhere i go. The entertainment business is crazy and has no limit, it is a free entry and exit business and it can create a successful person or a failure. The strength in failing is when you are able to point out the reason as to why something failed and fix it, not by letting go and giving up. i have so much planned for this site and for all that read it. i will try my best to bring to you everything and all the pictures that i can get and spare and i hope you all can support and encourage a broda and an AWON BOY. To all my Nigerian friends and counterpart i wan make una realize say niggahs dey try mehn. we commot that zones make we try entur town ere make we try see wetin we fit get 4 this kine town. Una knw say e get as tins jst take be and e get one kine look pple wey dey here dey giv us, dem no dey like see us and dem no even wan make we succeed even the pple sef wey get the kine same color as we get still dey luk us one kine. so all i dey try yan be say, if una see wetin persin dey do and una feel say that persin  dey rep NAIJ on a  madt level (repping toh bahd) make una try no hate and make una try help am. we all dey  this  thing together, na we-we wan make dat money so we go all fit dey happy for future. make una use brain support we  pple. if other pple no wan or fit help us, make we try help ourselves. GOD BLESS NIGERIA!!

So, due to all this madness going on around the world and with Nigerians, i want you all to realize that i have a crazy packed package for this site and for the rest of the year. i have mad interviews with crazy well known artists and they shall be interviewed and they will be as open as they can be. my interviews will in no way be edited or misread . they shall be as open as they should be. no lies, no gimmicks and no foul play. they are all going to be known emotionally, financially, mentally and family wise. it will be well detailed and since we all see them on TV, hear their songs and crave to understand them, i shall try my best to bring the HUMAN BEING in them and a side that no other person would know or that they have explained to anyone else.


I know i am going to have mad and different artists to interview and actually get to talk with them, but just for you to know that i am not joking, here are some to the Nigerian Royals i have lined up for an interview


1.) Chukie_lynxxx (The Utunu King)


















2.) Moet Abebe (sexy beast)













3.) Iam Blink (Fly Boy Baby)























4.) Ikon D don (producer TOH BAHD)












5.) AshewoNedu King of Koboko ( The booty superhero)






















6.) Ejay Blackmagic ( The rainbow King)










7.) Kanebi and The Play Dynasty (Nna dem boiz badutunu)












Considering the interesting set of people on here, i guess i am going to have mad fun interviewing them and i hope you all get to like their responses and their attitudes. In addition to the interviews, i will also bring to you more info about their upcoming events, pictures of past events and runway shows. I love these people with all my heart and i wish them all the best of luck in all their endeavours and i hope we all continue to support them and make Nigeria proud of its children.


Also coming soon on kulkidz would be upcoming acts and figures. politicians and federal govt aids and dignitaries who have decided that they want to let NIGERIANS all over the world know that they are not stealing money and that they are really considering the welfare of our future and the future of our kids. I have not being able to get in contact with most of the people that said they would do the interview (for obvious reasons) since they figured i wasnt joking anymore and really wanted to have the interview. well, we shall see, nothing stays hidden forever and my sources in Naij had better get me some real good gossip gist to post.

i urge you guys to go through the site and tell me what you think. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM BEING AN ASSHOLE. we all know how all you africans are. LOL. love you all and see you again in the next post….



The Down-South car show!!!!

Yyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooooo mehn!!! How are you guys doing? i

hope you have been chilling mehn? Guys, the pictures that you see are

from an event i  went to and it was damn amazing. i only have about 40

pictures and i am sad because i wish i had taken more. it was impromptu

and all i had was a little battery life left on my camera, but did not care.

down south, according to the southerners, take their car shows very

seriously. they invest in it and spend a lot of money putting effort in

making their do tricks and look outrageous. For some reason, i never felt

that this would be a show that i would go to or ever want to understand,

but now, i see myself changing my whole perspective about the show. the

show brings unity and creativity. It helps the comunity in getting rid of

hoodlums and inappropriate acts. They help generate money for

scholarships and vactions. this form of entertainment is something i feel a

lot of  people can get into and organize. they win cash prizes, vacations,

gifts, auto shop benefits and rewards. there are a few categories that i can

remember that they had, there is,


1.) loudest speaker


2.) dopest paint job


3.) craziest design


4.) import class


5.) sportiest


6.) most tricked out


this level of creativity draws a very large and excited audience. they get

sponsors from different countries and companies, most of the speakers

that are being used for these car shows are loud and outrageous. working

in a company that deals with car audio systems, i got to learn a lot. there

are so many brands of speakers and they have have different purposes.

they come in different sizes and features. the loudest speaker event is

usually the last event of the day and its usually the best. its the most

entertaining and people spend crazy amounts of money for them. i have

seen someone spend $3000.00 on TWO SPEAKERS. yes i said it, speaker

A and speaker B. not like that was a bad buy or unnecessary, its just how

the show goes. On this event, i was invited by a friend of mine who is in

the RITS club (Riders In The South) and they won a couple of contest;

including DOPEST PAINT JOB (incredible hulk). unfortunately, by the

time i had gotten their, they had driven the car away. i walked around

spoke to a few car owners, tried to interview some. some spoke to me and

some wanted to punch me (i mean, its not my fault your car is garbage

and u aint winning crap), but regardless, i still had a blast. there were

drinks and food, but most people brought their own food. i feel that more

people, places and countries should emulate this gesture or culture. it is

something that is fun, and everybody can join; both males and females.

the car show is something that i feel everyone should love and everyone

should try to experience. as i said before, this is a show that show cases,

talent, creativity, fun, comics, and most of all unity. it is a show that i like

and may love one day. i will try my best to being you more on all shows

and events of this nature. i know there is another one coming up in July

and i feel i should participate in it. i have a VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT

(import class) and i want to contest in the loudest category. i may and

may not win, but for the fact that i will have my car in a magazine and that

i was actually able to participate in one would be nice. i would have to

buy a set of some crazy speakers if i would want to make any sort of noise

at the venue. Just in case you need to know more about the shows and

events and would like to join and be a part of it, let me know.


contact me







T.I.P——> Tuesday Inspirational Posts

There are people on here that would understand what i am talking about and also would there be some people that wont. well i have a lot to talk about my T.I.P messages, But the main issue is how to start explaining it or how to define its purpose to every human being that i send it to.

well here goes nothing, My name is Ekene Chidobem and i am a thinker/ philosopher. I feel that i think a lot more than people i know or that are around me. Not like i am gloating but everything that happens in my life fascinates me; my job, my friends, my education, my relationships and my general well-being. I hope yours too has the same kind of impact as mine does for me. I look at things and see an inspiration in it. I look at a squirrel that has just escaped death and i can relate it to life. i could see a child manipulate his/her parent  to get what they want and i can relate it to education and relationships. Don’t get me wrong, i am not saying i am the smartest or deepest  person out there, i say a lot of  dumb shit and yan a lot of dust most of the time, but inspiration is all we have and all we need. These days we are all engrossed in money and trying to succeed and because of that, we all have to come out smiling and laughing, meanwhile your heart breaks and it needs some kind of inspiration that people around you cant give. I am not saying that everything has to be bad or evil, but lets all face it, even the tiniest thing as you going club or traveling is some form of inspiration. There is nothing that we all cannot achieve in this life. think about people that really never thought they had any talent but yet put their all into whatever they were doing and succeeded. If you have suffered, struggled  been through the worst in life, but yet still found a way to succeed…………..Ma niggah enjoy! The T.I.P is to give everyone a sense of self-worth and an energy to keep forging ahead and believing in themselves. It also gives me a chance to express my own form of inspired message that i derived from an experience. I try as much as i can to write them as often as i can, but life’s issues can sometimes have a not-so-good appealing effect on other hobbies of yours. I know a lot of people that have actaully given me positive feedback on my posts and also offered constructive criticisms to them; i still appreciate it tho. My posts are not to make me special or win an award or anything, its just so that you can generate a whole new and different reason to boost you to forge ahead, its gives you a reason to look around you to see what kind of friends you have, it gives you a reason to say, ‘fuck the crap’ and do what you want to do.


Don’t let your dreams and zeal to succeed prevent you from rejoicing over what you have already achieved

P.s: I send out my T.I.P’s obviously every Tuesdays on BB. i will try me best to post them on here and share with a more larger crowd. (if its requested that is!!) 2273FEFO

Fuck The Cheese!!!!

So recently had a conversation with a friend of mine  about life and the problems surrounding it. it was a pretty interesting convo and it made me understand her thought process and it also made me realize that humans are all the same and we process and assimilate issues differently. As we were talking,  i told her about when i went to Mcdonalds to get some fries and a drink and to my surprise, they gave me cold and soggy fries #NotKul. Stuff like that really isn’t a big issue to me and i really would have cared less on any other day. But on this day, i was hungry, heading out of town and if i did not get better fries from there, the next stop for food would be another 1hour out. So i went back and asked for hot and crispy fries. DID I DO ANYTHING WRONG? Now, to my surprise, according to her, that was mean, unnecessary and worthless. she referred me to an interview that Robert Downey Jr had a while back and he said, “i went to Mcdonalds to get a double cheese burger,2 for that matter, paid and drove away with it. As i was on my way, i opened the bags to eat my food and realized that they forgot to put the cheese, on both of them, i thought about it, i mean, i can buy the place, fire everyone and then sell it back, then i said to myself, FUCK THE CHEESE and ate it like that”

His point was clear and i understand it, but would he have said the same if he had a lobster that wasnt well cooked? or if his maybach has a dent on the body? or if his Tom Ford suit has a hole in it? i am not saying that there are not things that we really shouldnt stress about, but when does it end? is it on the part of Fast Food chains to delebrately mess your food up all because they feel you wont come back to change it, thereby promoting laziness on the part of the employees? is it on the part of “the customers’ to not give a damn about how the food is made and just eat it?? as long as they are full? well my point really is this, its really not about the cheese, the suit, the car or whatever issue that may arise as a reason to forget about something or to pursue something that we feel was done wrong and know we have a right to correct it. in some ways, i feel that is called a “settlers mind”. if i pay for something, i feel should get what i paid for. Or i read well for an exam and i know i answered every question right, then the result comes out and a see an F, fuck the “F”? is there ever an end? if there is, where? when do u say, “hey, you know what, fuck it?” i mean, P.diddy in one of his songs said, “its a bentley to you, to me its a blue car”. is it only when i am as rich as diddy or Robert D that i can say things like that?