OH BabY!!!!! I have missed thee o so much. I am so excited to be writing once again. Sigh. This has not being my most favorable times, But so far, things have started to be great again. Now, the sun is shining once again at night. So much has happened to me over the years; I have grown up, I have failed, I have fallen, I have lost friends, best ones too, made new ones, changed direction and course of life numerous times and yet I am still here. Happy, gracious and well. Then people tell you that there is not a God. LOOOL. Well not to dwell too much on the past, its time to face the tomorrow. I have learnt my place among my friends and family. Yes, they have not all being as favorable, but when you have an epiphany, doesn’t matter which kind, as long as it is something that you know will change you life, you will always have to put the people in your circle in perspective and in order of importance. I found out that everything has a priority, importance and use. The only thing constant is family, you have no choice but to love the home in which you are born. Friends, we pick and chose them as we go. The best ones stay, Period. 


On that note, welcome back Ekene. Your life is about to change for the greatest.