Yyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooooo mehn!!! How are you guys doing? i

hope you have been chilling mehn? Guys, the pictures that you see are

from an event i  went to and it was damn amazing. i only have about 40

pictures and i am sad because i wish i had taken more. it was impromptu

and all i had was a little battery life left on my camera, but did not care.

down south, according to the southerners, take their car shows very

seriously. they invest in it and spend a lot of money putting effort in

making their do tricks and look outrageous. For some reason, i never felt

that this would be a show that i would go to or ever want to understand,

but now, i see myself changing my whole perspective about the show. the

show brings unity and creativity. It helps the comunity in getting rid of

hoodlums and inappropriate acts. They help generate money for

scholarships and vactions. this form of entertainment is something i feel a

lot of  people can get into and organize. they win cash prizes, vacations,

gifts, auto shop benefits and rewards. there are a few categories that i can

remember that they had, there is,


1.) loudest speaker


2.) dopest paint job


3.) craziest design


4.) import class


5.) sportiest


6.) most tricked out


this level of creativity draws a very large and excited audience. they get

sponsors from different countries and companies, most of the speakers

that are being used for these car shows are loud and outrageous. working

in a company that deals with car audio systems, i got to learn a lot. there

are so many brands of speakers and they have have different purposes.

they come in different sizes and features. the loudest speaker event is

usually the last event of the day and its usually the best. its the most

entertaining and people spend crazy amounts of money for them. i have

seen someone spend $3000.00 on TWO SPEAKERS. yes i said it, speaker

A and speaker B. not like that was a bad buy or unnecessary, its just how

the show goes. On this event, i was invited by a friend of mine who is in

the RITS club (Riders In The South) and they won a couple of contest;

including DOPEST PAINT JOB (incredible hulk). unfortunately, by the

time i had gotten their, they had driven the car away. i walked around

spoke to a few car owners, tried to interview some. some spoke to me and

some wanted to punch me (i mean, its not my fault your car is garbage

and u aint winning crap), but regardless, i still had a blast. there were

drinks and food, but most people brought their own food. i feel that more

people, places and countries should emulate this gesture or culture. it is

something that is fun, and everybody can join; both males and females.

the car show is something that i feel everyone should love and everyone

should try to experience. as i said before, this is a show that show cases,

talent, creativity, fun, comics, and most of all unity. it is a show that i like

and may love one day. i will try my best to being you more on all shows

and events of this nature. i know there is another one coming up in July

and i feel i should participate in it. i have a VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT

(import class) and i want to contest in the loudest category. i may and

may not win, but for the fact that i will have my car in a magazine and that

i was actually able to participate in one would be nice. i would have to

buy a set of some crazy speakers if i would want to make any sort of noise

at the venue. Just in case you need to know more about the shows and

events and would like to join and be a part of it, let me know.


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