There are people on here that would understand what i am talking about and also would there be some people that wont. well i have a lot to talk about my T.I.P messages, But the main issue is how to start explaining it or how to define its purpose to every human being that i send it to.

well here goes nothing, My name is Ekene Chidobem and i am a thinker/ philosopher. I feel that i think a lot more than people i know or that are around me. Not like i am gloating but everything that happens in my life fascinates me; my job, my friends, my education, my relationships and my general well-being. I hope yours too has the same kind of impact as mine does for me. I look at things and see an inspiration in it. I look at a squirrel that has just escaped death and i can relate it to life. i could see a child manipulate his/her parent  to get what they want and i can relate it to education and relationships. Don’t get me wrong, i am not saying i am the smartest or deepest  person out there, i say a lot of  dumb shit and yan a lot of dust most of the time, but inspiration is all we have and all we need. These days we are all engrossed in money and trying to succeed and because of that, we all have to come out smiling and laughing, meanwhile your heart breaks and it needs some kind of inspiration that people around you cant give. I am not saying that everything has to be bad or evil, but lets all face it, even the tiniest thing as you going club or traveling is some form of inspiration. There is nothing that we all cannot achieve in this life. think about people that really never thought they had any talent but yet put their all into whatever they were doing and succeeded. If you have suffered, struggled  been through the worst in life, but yet still found a way to succeed…………..Ma niggah enjoy! The T.I.P is to give everyone a sense of self-worth and an energy to keep forging ahead and believing in themselves. It also gives me a chance to express my own form of inspired message that i derived from an experience. I try as much as i can to write them as often as i can, but life’s issues can sometimes have a not-so-good appealing effect on other hobbies of yours. I know a lot of people that have actaully given me positive feedback on my posts and also offered constructive criticisms to them; i still appreciate it tho. My posts are not to make me special or win an award or anything, its just so that you can generate a whole new and different reason to boost you to forge ahead, its gives you a reason to look around you to see what kind of friends you have, it gives you a reason to say, ‘fuck the crap’ and do what you want to do.


Don’t let your dreams and zeal to succeed prevent you from rejoicing over what you have already achieved

P.s: I send out my T.I.P’s obviously every Tuesdays on BB. i will try me best to post them on here and share with a more larger crowd. (if its requested that is!!) 2273FEFO