So recently had a conversation with a friend of mine  about life and the problems surrounding it. it was a pretty interesting convo and it made me understand her thought process and it also made me realize that humans are all the same and we process and assimilate issues differently. As we were talking,  i told her about when i went to Mcdonalds to get some fries and a drink and to my surprise, they gave me cold and soggy fries #NotKul. Stuff like that really isn’t a big issue to me and i really would have cared less on any other day. But on this day, i was hungry, heading out of town and if i did not get better fries from there, the next stop for food would be another 1hour out. So i went back and asked for hot and crispy fries. DID I DO ANYTHING WRONG? Now, to my surprise, according to her, that was mean, unnecessary and worthless. she referred me to an interview that Robert Downey Jr had a while back and he said, “i went to Mcdonalds to get a double cheese burger,2 for that matter, paid and drove away with it. As i was on my way, i opened the bags to eat my food and realized that they forgot to put the cheese, on both of them, i thought about it, i mean, i can buy the place, fire everyone and then sell it back, then i said to myself, FUCK THE CHEESE and ate it like that”

His point was clear and i understand it, but would he have said the same if he had a lobster that wasnt well cooked? or if his maybach has a dent on the body? or if his Tom Ford suit has a hole in it? i am not saying that there are not things that we really shouldnt stress about, but when does it end? is it on the part of Fast Food chains to delebrately mess your food up all because they feel you wont come back to change it, thereby promoting laziness on the part of the employees? is it on the part of “the customers’ to not give a damn about how the food is made and just eat it?? as long as they are full? well my point really is this, its really not about the cheese, the suit, the car or whatever issue that may arise as a reason to forget about something or to pursue something that we feel was done wrong and know we have a right to correct it. in some ways, i feel that is called a “settlers mind”. if i pay for something, i feel should get what i paid for. Or i read well for an exam and i know i answered every question right, then the result comes out and a see an F, fuck the “F”? is there ever an end? if there is, where? when do u say, “hey, you know what, fuck it?” i mean, P.diddy in one of his songs said, “its a bentley to you, to me its a blue car”. is it only when i am as rich as diddy or Robert D that i can say things like that?