Hey there guys!!!!

how are you all doing? hope all is well and buzzing? even all of una wey dey naij, whatz really good? ok since i have gotten this blog, i really have not been able to put all the things that i have witnessed or that i have gone thru and noticed and i apologize for that. well this medium has been so good to me and i am actually getting to really love it and can’t wait to really show you all everything that i have planned and also to follow me and us (Bluefield Ent and Syndik8 Ent) in our endeavors to take over Greenville NC, yanks, Asia and the world by God’s grace. A lot is going to happen and alot needs to be seen and heard. I want to use this medium to bring you all to my life and the life of everyone and everywhere i go. The entertainment business is crazy and has no limit, it is a free entry and exit business and it can create a successful person or a failure. The strength in failing is when you are able to point out the reason as to why something failed and fix it, not by letting go and giving up. i have so much planned for this site and for all that read it. i will try my best to bring to you everything and all the pictures that i can get and spare and i hope you all can support and encourage a broda and an AWON BOY. To all my Nigerian friends and counterpart i wan make una realize say niggahs dey try mehn. we commot that zones make we try entur town ere make we try see wetin we fit get 4 this kine town. Una knw say e get as tins jst take be and e get one kine look pple wey dey here dey giv us, dem no dey like see us and dem no even wan make we succeed even the pple sef wey get the kine same color as we get still dey luk us one kine. so all i dey try yan be say, if una see wetin persin dey do and una feel say that persin  dey rep NAIJ on a  madt level (repping toh bahd) make una try no hate and make una try help am. we all dey  this  thing together, na we-we wan make dat money so we go all fit dey happy for future. make una use brain support we  pple. if other pple no wan or fit help us, make we try help ourselves. GOD BLESS NIGERIA!!

So, due to all this madness going on around the world and with Nigerians, i want you all to realize that i have a crazy packed package for this site and for the rest of the year. i have mad interviews with crazy well known artists and they shall be interviewed and they will be as open as they can be. my interviews will in no way be edited or misread . they shall be as open as they should be. no lies, no gimmicks and no foul play. they are all going to be known emotionally, financially, mentally and family wise. it will be well detailed and since we all see them on TV, hear their songs and crave to understand them, i shall try my best to bring the HUMAN BEING in them and a side that no other person would know or that they have explained to anyone else.


I know i am going to have mad and different artists to interview and actually get to talk with them, but just for you to know that i am not joking, here are some to the Nigerian Royals i have lined up for an interview


1.) Chukie_lynxxx (The Utunu King)


















2.) Moet Abebe (sexy beast)













3.) Iam Blink (Fly Boy Baby)























4.) Ikon D don (producer TOH BAHD)












5.) AshewoNedu King of Koboko ( The booty superhero)






















6.) Ejay Blackmagic ( The rainbow King)










7.) Kanebi and The Play Dynasty (Nna dem boiz badutunu)












Considering the interesting set of people on here, i guess i am going to have mad fun interviewing them and i hope you all get to like their responses and their attitudes. In addition to the interviews, i will also bring to you more info about their upcoming events, pictures of past events and runway shows. I love these people with all my heart and i wish them all the best of luck in all their endeavours and i hope we all continue to support them and make Nigeria proud of its children.


Also coming soon on kulkidz would be upcoming acts and figures. politicians and federal govt aids and dignitaries who have decided that they want to let NIGERIANS all over the world know that they are not stealing money and that they are really considering the welfare of our future and the future of our kids. I have not being able to get in contact with most of the people that said they would do the interview (for obvious reasons) since they figured i wasnt joking anymore and really wanted to have the interview. well, we shall see, nothing stays hidden forever and my sources in Naij had better get me some real good gossip gist to post.

i urge you guys to go through the site and tell me what you think. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM BEING AN ASSHOLE. we all know how all you africans are. LOL. love you all and see you again in the next post….